Designing Kid’s Rooms

A combination of serious study space, creative art space, flop down reading space and a special pull out bed to accommodate dad comes together in this kid’s room with a mix of renovation and newness. The colour scheme ties up everything beautifully being both – delicately pretty and sophisticated. The lighting covers all moods – whimsical, fancy, useful and focussed. Note the light above the bed which is actually a combination of round ceiling lights in different sizes!


Winter Warmth

Creating Woolly Winter Warmth – The snappy cold winters are here and we are turn by turn enjoying the ‘nip in the air’ and the occasional sun. There are a fortunate few who have sunny backyards and rooms and can enjoy the warm sunshine on their face, but for most of us people living in apartments, the abundance…

Renovations in my native place – my childhood home – and…my design advise!

Veneer Polished Crockery Cabinet With Glass Shutters & Light Effects – The lower cabinetry was kept minimalist with a groove design replacing bulky handles. The rich veneer looks very elegant and is well complemented by the Copper-Bronze tinted MDF panel at the back and the wrap around glass shutters in the upper cabinetry.