Winter Warmth

Creating Woolly Winter Warmth – The snappy cold winters are here and we are turn by turn enjoying the ‘nip in the air’ and the occasional sun. There are a fortunate few who have sunny backyards and rooms and can enjoy the warm sunshine on their face, but for most of us people living in apartments, the abundance of light seldom translates into warm sunny rooms – in fact we live in cold windy rooms! So how do we create warmth in our homes (besides expensive Radiators!)? This is where our design skills come into play!

Creating Winter Warmth

For homes bearing sharp seasons, adding layers is the best way to trap warmth during the winters –

Window Coverings: Heavy (fabrics like jutes & silks) lined window drapes or blinds are very effective in keeping the cold out. One can add a heavy curtain during the winter months, to the windows/ doors, to add warmth, which can be removed during the summers leaving only sheer curtains.

Area Rugs & Useful Shrugs:  We can add more rugs to our floors and woolly shrugs to our seating. This would create a cozy look visually also. Pure wool rugs are best suited to the purpose.

Worsted Fabrics & Woollen Blankets : Using worsted fabrics for covering cold surfaces like tables and for making cushions and bed coverings is an inexpensive way to add warmth. Layering beds and sofas with wool blankets is a practical way also to add warmth. The blankets can be used to cover us while sitting and make us cozy.

For homes in cold areas and with more permanent requirement of warmth –

Warm Colours & Lamp Lighting: Painting your home in warm colours like mustards, fawns, browns, maroons, peaches & hues of orange and adding yellow lamp lights in corners creates a warm ambience.

Wood Veneers & Wooden Flooring: Wood panels in rich shades and or wooden floorings add warmth with style. Marble flooring gives a cold look and needs heavy rugs to make it warm.

And lastly a warm tea kettle and large steaming cups of tea would complete the cozy picture!