The thought behind my website – To Minimize Time & Costs & Maximize Design!

Dear friends,

I had always felt the need to design every space – to make it more practical and useful, and more pleasing to the eye – in short to fix all wrongs in the space and or develop a new space beautifully. But as I worked in this profession, I understood that right from the Medieval ages, Interior Design had become the privilege of a lucky few people with the means to spend more. This was of course partly due to the costs involved and partly due to the professional fee involved. The costs would also spiral up in time wastage as the workers awaited the drawings, inputs & site visits from the professional. I also observed wastage of resources in designing of spaces wherein multiple professionals worked in a serial manner. For eg. an Architect designs a building for an Office space with specific openings, glazings, ceiling height, pillars and all electrical, plumbing & HVAC services. Subsequently an Interior designer is hired by the company who starts looking at the requirements and creates a Floor Plan. Then starts the process of redoing the existing plans and features to fit into this new floor plan.

To address all these issues and with the aim to bring this service to all doors, to provide simultaneous designs to minimize redoing, to make Interior Design a pocket friendly necessity, in short to bring about a revolution in Interior Design, I developed my website .

Interior Design Drawings & Advise Online
Minimizing Time & Costs & Maximizing Design!
All Design Solutions…Online…

With the advent of the world wide web, the Wi Fi & the Smart phone, and of course after the experience of working for a couple of my overseas clients, I felt that there was a growing need to make Interior Design available worldwide in a quick & affordable manner – which is best achieved online!

As opposed to many Interior Design sites which aim to sell products, my website focuses on providing interior design solutions. On offer are therefore Design advise, Moodboards, Drawings to scale, Floor Plans, Layout Plans, Elevations & Working Drawings, 3D Views, Perspectives & Isometrics etc., Services Advise & Drawings, Texture & Material advise and Procurement Advise – just as one gets on hiring an Interior Designer or company for a project – no shortcuts to design here!

Design Solutions

All these solutions are in the form of Design packages providing all drawings and selections for the Interior Design of the space – greatly benefiting everybody involved.

We have already successfully designed Office Spaces, Bars & Restaurants, Stores and Residences along with providing loads of informal advise.

Looking forward to many more such exciting projects!