Designing Kid’s Rooms

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A 9 year old girl’s room – designed for an increasing study & research student, evolving artist, serious soccer player, avid reader, and of course a dreamer! Must give credit to both the little girl and her dad ( a great friend ) for their clear directives and creative inputs. Totally enjoyed the ideation and planning!

In the course of my career I have been designing kids rooms quite often with my young urbane friends keen on providing dedicated space and privacy to their children ( actually a rarity in our times; forced to share space with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc.!) While taking it up as an exciting project (as one gets to think like a child again!) I have had long discussions (and arguments) over many details. Sometimes parents amaze me with their level of indulgence and at others with their strictness.

So what exactly defines a child’s room? Does it limit to the colourful study desk and bed set or move beyond to other requirements? Should a child’s room have defined spaces for different activities or free space for any activity? Should there be open accessible storage (which can lead to clutter) or shuttered storage (which is irritating for all children to use!) Should one use bold bright colours or soothing pastels? Well the answers to all these define a child’s room. And they vary from one project to another.


A combination of serious study space, creative art space, flop down reading space and a special pull out bed to accommodate dad comes together in this kid’s room with a mix of renovation and newness. The colour scheme ties up everything beautifully being both – delicately pretty and sophisticated. The lighting covers all moods – whimsical, fancy, useful and focussed. Note the light above the bed which is actually a combination of round ceiling lights in different sizes!

Hope you like it!