The Cabinet Of Joy

The beginning :

A call from a friend for advising her on some changes at home. She has pulled her life together after very difficult times and now wanted her home to reflect it.

Requirement: Something to uplift the existing decor and also to showcase her artifact collection.

Existing Decor:


Visually the existing space was pleasing but somewhat haphazard -as happens when one adds items to the decor over the years and just fits them in! So a mirror-glass crockery cabinet was working as an artifact display cabinet and a drawer chest as a Puja console.

So besides moving around these above items to a more suitable place, I proposed a stand out, visually arresting, display cabinet for housing all artifacts collected by my friend over the years. In order that it becomes both the center of attraction and compact, this cabinet was planned in an L-shape with wood paneling behind. The idea was to organically grow it out of the wall so it does not take floor space and also fits into minimum width.

The Result:

A visually stunning display with amazing light effects and doubling as a feature wall.

I know that the cabinet brought great joy into my friend’s life as she lovingly decorated it and sent me pictures. Hence I call it ‘The Cabinet Of Joy”!

Thanks – Vanshri

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